1. Introduction

Hi there! My name is Dani, & I’m a brand new blogger. I wouldn’t quite call myself a ‘beauty blogger’ because I have no idea how good I’ll be at this, but I’ve been purchasing cosmetics & trying new things like crazy this summer. I always wished I had somewhere to discuss my experiences with makeup – as it’s a totally new thing for me!

I worked at Rite Aid this summer before going to graduate school, & that’s where it all started. Not only does Rite Aid already have killer deals on cosmetics, but I also got 20% off everything, first dibs on clearance, & the ability to spend a majority of my 10 hour shifts scoping out things that looked like they had potential. Then, I discovered Makeup Alley, beauty blogs, & youtube to help me weed out the good & bad. This summer quickly became the summer of trying new things & ‘bettering myself’. I used to only wear eyeliner & mascara, but have started experimenting with lip products, eye shadow & face products. I’ve even been experimenting with hair products, face washes & moisturizers, & shaving cream/razors. It’s been so fun & I can’t wait to start sharing my experiences with other beauty lovers!


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