4. Mini Haul

Guys. I bought an Urban Decay eyeshadow palette today.

I know, I know. I JUST started this blog yesterday, stated that I have never used high-end makeup & probably never will, & then I go & buy an Urban Decay product. In my defense though, I said all those things before I discovered Nordstrom Rack & the fact that they sell discount high-end makeup. Who knew?!

I met a friend for lunch at Red Robin today, & while I was out by the mall I decided to stop into some of the outlying stores – namely TJ Maxx & Nordstrom Rack. It was a pretty successful trip.

Regardless of what it sounds like, I didn’t ONLY get makeup. At TJ Maxx I got the Elf 32-pan Natural Eyeshadow Palette for $4.99. I know I just did a review of a bold palette & even wore bold eye makeup to work last night, but nude/smoky-nude eye looks are my ABSOLUTE favorite thing. I don’t think I could ever own enough brown/cream/bronze/mahogany/gold eyeshadow shades. I love to mix & match them & I think it’s incredibly difficult to go wrong when you’re working with these colors. It’s practically foolproof!

I also got a beauty blender-type makeup sponge for $3.99, because I’ve been meaning to give it a try & see if it lives up to all the hype, & a discontinued WoodWick candle in Secluded Island on clearance for $7.50.

Then I headed on over to Nordstrom Rack, which is two stores down from TJ Maxx. The cosmetics were right in the front door & I spent some time looking at Nyx [which is hard to find in my area] & Stila before heading to the clearance racks. There, I found three pairs of earrings that totaled less than $15 & a small, simple, black leather Mundi wallet for $15. The wallet wasn’t on clearance, but I’ve been needing a small one for the times I want to use my tiny cross-body bags & my normal wallet won’t fit. I headed to the registers after that, but on the way I decided to walk through the cosmetics one more time & found a rack of Urban Decay products. I had seen a few UD items in the clearance – $6 for some purple/black lip gloss [ick] & $5 for StarDust eyeshadow in Retrograde. I’m not really a single pan eyeshadow kind of girl, so I skipped on that. On the Urban Decay rack by the registers, there were primers, eyeshadow palettes, etc. I think they also had the Deluxe Shadow BoxΒ for like $9,Β but I just wasn’t feeling it & it’s bright colors today. So instead, I got the Ammo Palette for under $12 & am very excited to try it out!

Now, I’m pretty much out of money until payday. Which is next Friday. OOPS. But last night was my Friday, so that means I can just stay home, be lazy, & read for a few days. Any of you doing anything fun this weekend?



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