10. Nails of the Day – Revlon Nail Art Break-Up

Tomorrow is September 1st & I won’t pretend I’m not COMPLETELY impatient about it. Fall is my absolutely favorite time of year. If it could just be Fall all year long, I wouldn’t protest. I love boots, scarves, peacoats, button-ups, & layering. I also love dark & neutral colored nail polish & makeup. I love everything! So yesterday, in my ‘SEPTEMBER IS TWO DAYS AWAY’ excitement, I did my first Fall manicure of the year. YAY!

1This is one of the new [are they new? I feel like I just saw them this year] Revlon Nail Art duos. This one was a ‘Break-Up‘ one, which included a regular nail polish & a coordinating crackle coat. This particular one is called ‘I’ll Chai My Best‘. I also have one called ‘Star of the Bazaar‘, which is a gunmetal grey with an orange crackle coat. I think these might be discontinued because I got both of these at Big Lots for like $1, & haven’t seen this line of them in stores. I think Revlon Nail Art has the Expressionist, Moon Candy, Neon, & the brand new for Fall 2013 Chalkboard in stores currently.

So far, I really like these polishes. I think they’re super fun & worth trying out. I can’t comment on the lasting ability since I’ve only been wearing this one for a day, but usually nail polish lasts forever on my nails. Like I can never tell if the nail polish is actually long lasting or if I’ve just become super pro at avoiding chips since I’ve been wearing nail polish on my nails regularly for years now. I should probably mention that i use Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener as my base coat & Sally Hansen Insta-Dri as my top coat. They look like this:

2013-08-31 12.09.46These are probably the secret to my nail polish lasting so well. I do one coat of the Diamond Strength, two coats of whatever polish I’m using, & then one coat of the Insta-Dri. I know Sally Hansen has an Insta-Dri Anti Chip top coat, but I don’t find it necessary at all. The original stuff works great for me, & I would never use anything else. The ‘Insta-Dri’ claim & ‘Manicure will be dry to touch in seconds’ statement on the back of the bottle is totally true too! This stuff is a godsend & has made my nail polish routine SO MUCH easier. I just purchased this bottle earlier this summer & I’ve already used a third of the bottle! Either proof it works fantastic, or proof I do my nails too often, but anyways – these two products are totally HG products for me & I would recommend them to anyone that struggles with brittle nails or manicures that don’t seem to last.

Also, while we’re at the ‘of-the-day’ posting, here’s my Look of the Day. TotallyΒ au naturale today because I got up & was on a mission to get a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, which I’ll address more later. I almost didn’t even put my contacts in, but it’s pretty nice out today & I wanted to be able to wear sunglasses. Sunglasses are also great at hiding the zombie eyes, but today I don’t think they’re that bad! Isn’t it weird how some days, wearing no makeup is an absolute no-go because you think you look so horrible, but other days it actually seems to work for you? Am I the only one who experiences this? Anyways, here’s my face, sans makeup.

2Sometimes it feels so good to be makeup-less. I do think I’m going to go play with some new looks though since I have this clean slate to do it on! So there may be some posts to come today…

Back to my Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte mission. As I said in the opening of this post, Fall is my FAVORITE time of year. Like nothing trumps it in my book. I’ve been craving a Starbs PSL for days & finally did some research last night to see when it would be coming back. Turns out, the official date is Sept 3rd, but since it’s the 10 year anniversary of their most popular drink, they brought it back early! Supposedly there was a code [PSL10] you were supposed to tell your barista to ‘unlock’ it, but I didn’t need to do that at my store. Either it had already been unlocked, or they just weren’t having any of that nonsense. Regardless – I got my first PSL of the season & I AM SO EXCITED.


Thanks for reading guys! Happy almost Fall!



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