11: Outfit of the Day!



Good morning everyone! I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post. I was busy prepping to move & then actually moving. We moved on the 8th. My parents stayed here with me for about 4 days, & then this week I have been busy with orientations & trying to get used to the place & the people. It’s been crazy, & I’m scared to death, but I think it will be a good experience & I will learn to like it.

I have a few things to get done today. I’m about to go to the student health center on campus to get my insurance figured out. I’ve been on my dads insurance my whole life, so I have no idea what I’m doing! My hope is to find someone there than can help me properly fill out the paperwork. Later today I have more orientations & meetings. I have my program orientation & I’m meeting with the professor I’m TAing for & my fellow GTA’s. I met them last week for drinks, but today we’re actually going to discuss expectations & duties. Should be exciting!


Anyways, I wanted to do an outfit of the day since it’s finally starting to get cool enough here in the Northwest for all the new clothes I bought this Summer in preparation. I’ve been wearing lots of jeans & boots & scarves this week, & I’m SO EXCITED about it. Yay, Fall!

Today I’m wearing:

Leggings: Old Navy

Tank top: Old Navy ‘Tami’

Cardigan: Basic Editions from Kmart, believe it or not!

Boots: Great Northwest from Fred Meyer

Earrings: Large pearls – I believe I got them in a huge pack from H&M

Face: Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in 001 transparent & Loreal Project Runway blush in 326 The Muse’s Blush

Eyes: Just mascara – Covergirl Clump Crusher by LashBlast

Nails: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 404 Greige Gardens

Thanks for reading, there will be much more to come in the future!


10. Nails of the Day – Revlon Nail Art Break-Up

Tomorrow is September 1st & I won’t pretend I’m not COMPLETELY impatient about it. Fall is my absolutely favorite time of year. If it could just be Fall all year long, I wouldn’t protest. I love boots, scarves, peacoats, button-ups, & layering. I also love dark & neutral colored nail polish & makeup. I love everything! So yesterday, in my ‘SEPTEMBER IS TWO DAYS AWAY’ excitement, I did my first Fall manicure of the year. YAY!

1This is one of the new [are they new? I feel like I just saw them this year] Revlon Nail Art duos. This one was a ‘Break-Up‘ one, which included a regular nail polish & a coordinating crackle coat. This particular one is called ‘I’ll Chai My Best‘. I also have one called ‘Star of the Bazaar‘, which is a gunmetal grey with an orange crackle coat. I think these might be discontinued because I got both of these at Big Lots for like $1, & haven’t seen this line of them in stores. I think Revlon Nail Art has the Expressionist, Moon Candy, Neon, & the brand new for Fall 2013 Chalkboard in stores currently.

So far, I really like these polishes. I think they’re super fun & worth trying out. I can’t comment on the lasting ability since I’ve only been wearing this one for a day, but usually nail polish lasts forever on my nails. Like I can never tell if the nail polish is actually long lasting or if I’ve just become super pro at avoiding chips since I’ve been wearing nail polish on my nails regularly for years now. I should probably mention that i use Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener as my base coat & Sally Hansen Insta-Dri as my top coat. They look like this:

2013-08-31 12.09.46These are probably the secret to my nail polish lasting so well. I do one coat of the Diamond Strength, two coats of whatever polish I’m using, & then one coat of the Insta-Dri. I know Sally Hansen has an Insta-Dri Anti Chip top coat, but I don’t find it necessary at all. The original stuff works great for me, & I would never use anything else. The ‘Insta-Dri’ claim & ‘Manicure will be dry to touch in seconds’ statement on the back of the bottle is totally true too! This stuff is a godsend & has made my nail polish routine SO MUCH easier. I just purchased this bottle earlier this summer & I’ve already used a third of the bottle! Either proof it works fantastic, or proof I do my nails too often, but anyways – these two products are totally HG products for me & I would recommend them to anyone that struggles with brittle nails or manicures that don’t seem to last.

Also, while we’re at the ‘of-the-day’ posting, here’s my Look of the Day. Totally au naturale today because I got up & was on a mission to get a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, which I’ll address more later. I almost didn’t even put my contacts in, but it’s pretty nice out today & I wanted to be able to wear sunglasses. Sunglasses are also great at hiding the zombie eyes, but today I don’t think they’re that bad! Isn’t it weird how some days, wearing no makeup is an absolute no-go because you think you look so horrible, but other days it actually seems to work for you? Am I the only one who experiences this? Anyways, here’s my face, sans makeup.

2Sometimes it feels so good to be makeup-less. I do think I’m going to go play with some new looks though since I have this clean slate to do it on! So there may be some posts to come today…

Back to my Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte mission. As I said in the opening of this post, Fall is my FAVORITE time of year. Like nothing trumps it in my book. I’ve been craving a Starbs PSL for days & finally did some research last night to see when it would be coming back. Turns out, the official date is Sept 3rd, but since it’s the 10 year anniversary of their most popular drink, they brought it back early! Supposedly there was a code [PSL10] you were supposed to tell your barista to ‘unlock’ it, but I didn’t need to do that at my store. Either it had already been unlocked, or they just weren’t having any of that nonsense. Regardless – I got my first PSL of the season & I AM SO EXCITED.


Thanks for reading guys! Happy almost Fall!


9. Look of the Day

I, by some miracle, found some good natural light in my basement cave so I thought I would do a short post about the look I did today!


I bought this Elf 32-pan natural eyeshadow palette a few weeks ago & I’ve been dying to try it out. I’m trying to save my money for the move so I haven’t been doing much more than packing & lazing around the house lately , which means I also haven’t really been doing my makeup. Today I decided I wanted to go do some window-shopping or something, just to get out of the house. So, yay, I finally got to play with my Elf palette.

First, I primed my lids with my Elf eyeshadow primer & then used Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow in Bad to the Bronze as a base color. In the picture above, I numbered the shadows from the palette in the order I used them. I used the golden color all over my lid, the dark brown in the crease & under the lower lashes, & the sparkly black in the outer V. Then I used my Jordana Fabuliner in Black to thinly line my upper lashline, curled my lashes, & used my Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara. The look turned out super pretty, but I do think it would be a lot better for night than for day. The beauty newbie I am, I’m totally terrible at determining what a good look for ‘day’ vs. ‘night’ is, & this one turned out a little too intense for a late August, summer day, but oh well. I still really like it & will be using looks like this all Fall & Winter [I guess I’m just really impatient for those seasons to hurry up & get here!].

2013-08-27 12.57.48

2013-08-27 12.55.03

2013-08-27 12.58.13Next time I try this palette, I really want to try a matte eyeshadow look, because I have never done one before! I think matte eyeshadow would be great for a simple back-to-school look, so I’m looking forward to playing around with that.


A couple days ago dad & I washed cars out in the front yard & I didn’t have any makeup on & my hair was a disaster. So, I threw my hair up into a messy bun, wrapped a hair scarf around my head, put on some red lipstick [I believe it was Red Velvet from the Wet N Wild Megalast line] & put on some sunglasses to hide my zombie-eyes. It ended up being a super cute, 50’s pin-up look & I took some pics so I could share it with you!


Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday! Please follow if you enjoy my posts!


8. Quick bargain haul from yesterday!

Wednesday night, I worked my FINAL graveyard shift at Rite Aid & also got paid. There was a lot of celebrating to be done after that, so I got home from work Thursday at 7am, changed, & went shopping. I had no real aim, & was mostly on the hunt for sales & clearance racks, and, well, I FOUND THEM!




Shopko, as I mentioned in a previous post, had a few good sales on cosmetics this week, including 40% off all Physicians Formula & 30% off all Revlon & Almay. I picked up two of the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters, one on clearance, & one regular price [plus 30% off & a $1 off coupon I had]. The shade Brown Sugar [top] was on clearance, & I had been eyeing Peach Parfait [bottom] for awhile. These colors are super pretty & natural – Brown Sugar is a mauvy-shade while Peach Parfait is a light pink. On the lip, they are super sheer & are almost more like a gloss. I’m sorry I didn’t swatch these, I totally forgot. I’ll hopefully get better at doing swatches after I move & have some more natural light to play with. I’m currently living in a basement, so there’s no natural light to be found & it’s impossible to get good pics in general, let alone good swatch pics!

At Target, I found a couple of glosses on clearance for under $3 each. One was a Neutrogena MoistureShine Gloss in 210 Copper Power & the other was Loreal 8hr Infallible LeGloss in 140 Pink Topaz. I had never tried either of these glosses before & the shades are ones I wouldn’t normally be drawn to. I LOVE buying makeup on clearance like this for that reason – because sometimes you end up finding colors that actually look really great on you or great brands you never thought much of. I was skeptical about the Loreal gloss, but the color is actually really nice on the lips because it sheers out & just gives a bit of a tint.



This might be my favorite part of the entire haul. Nail polish is my FAVORITE thing to find on clearance or at a discount store. After working at Rite Aid, I know how pricey some drugstore makeup can be. I’m a nail polish hoarder, but I normally refuse to spend more than $3 or $4 max on it. Lately, I’ve been finding tons of great polishes at Big Lots. Big Lots is one of the best places ever to find drugstore makeup at super low prices. Often, it’s not even discontinued makeup! All of these Loreal polishes I picked up are, I think, still in the line & active. At Big Lots, the nail polish is almost always $1. I’ve gotten almost all the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure polishes I own there, because they’re so awesome & I know in a drugstore they’re almost $8!

Okay, sorry about that. I just had to rave about Big Lots & the fabulous deals they have on drugstore makeup. Back to the nail polish – I got 4 Loreal Colore Riche nail polishes in [from left to right] 480 Breaking Curfew, 230 Satin Sheets, 430 He Red My Mind, & 470 Haute Couture Red. I also got another Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polish in 330 Pedal to the Metal. I’ve never used the Loreal polishes before, so I’m excited to try them out & see how well they last. Many of these colors will be great for Fall!


This wasn’t quite a bargain find, but I got these nail polishes at Rite Aid for buy one get one 50% off & had two coupons for $1 off & $1.50 off. One is in 285 Mint Mojito & the other is in 145 Lav-Endure. I’ve heard so many great things about these polishes & how well they last, but I’ve never actually tried them before – which would be surprising if you’d seen the size of my nail polish collection. I mostly went for the lavendar color – I can’t remember whose blog I saw it on but I FELL IN LOVE & had to get it. Then I saw the bogo sale & remembered my coupons & decided I would get another.



I only picked up two eye products, but I still think they’re worth mentioning – I got two Loreal 24hr Infallible Eye Shadow’s in 407 Gold Imperial & 507 Primped & Precious. I got these along with the nail polishes at Big Lots, & they were also $1 each. Once again, I’ve never used these shadows before but have been eyeing them at work. I don’t usually like buying individual eyeshadow colors because I’m not very good at deciding what looks good together & what doesn’t. Matching things is a nightmare for me, but I’m getting better [thanks to a constructively critical best friend!].

These shadow pots also kind of confuse me. Are they powder? Are the cream? Are they loose? I just don’t know! Hopefully I’ll find a way to use them soon so I can see how they work.


Last but not least, I bought some more Elf brushes & brush shampoo at TJ Maxx for $2.69 each. At this point, I have most of the brushes I really need, but I like to buy brushes I don’t have & make a point of learning how to use them, especially if they’re super inexpensive. And, as I’ve mentioned before, I haven’t properly washed my brushes yet, so I bought this shampoo & will have to do that & hopefully not ruin anything in the process.


Among my awesome makeup finds, I also found lots of other things on super clearance, including some infinity scarves at Target for $4.88 each, a gorgeous wallet at TJ Maxx for $7.99, an adorable LuLu bag at JC Penney for $12, bow hair clips at Icing for $2 each, & earrings at Fuego for 3 for $6.80. Not pictured are some black & white cat eye sunglasses I got at JC Penney for $7.99. I’ve been so in love with sunglasses this year, & especially with the cat eye style! Who needs 6 pairs of sunglasses? I DO I DO!

My favorite part of the entire trip was when I walked into Bath & Body Works & discovered that their Fall scents were back. Like I literally could have jumped for joy & possibly cried with happiness. It’s funny because I work retail & have been setting Fall decor displays & Halloween candy for weeks now, but seeing the candles in Bath & Body Works is what made me really realize Fall was so close. Incidentally, I bought 3 small Fall-scented candles [in Pumpkin Apple, Autumn, & Harvest Coffee] & will be using the ‘20% off your entire purchase’ coupon I got in my bag on more. I just love Fall so much & wish it could last all year. Boots! Scarves! Pea coats! Leaves changing! Cold weather! BEST EVERRR. I can’t wait.

Thanks for reading guys. Let me know if you have any ideas for posts I could do! I’d love to take suggestions & have some fun with them!

7. Walgreens Haul: Jordana & Almay!



I went into Walgreens yesterday, just for the hell of it. I didn’t really have anything in particular I was looking for, except maybe some face cleansing/makeup-removing wipes. I got those, along with a few things from Jordana & something really random – a cheap but adorable watch!

I’ve been really awful about removing my makeup at night. I shower every other day, sometimes less, because my hair easily stays clean that long, & especially if I’m working several days in a row, I don’t do much with it except put it up in a messy ponytail. So, since I used to only wear eyeliner & mascara, it was so easy for me to sleep in my makeup & touch it up for the next day in between showers. I KNOW, most of you are probably like ‘EW, what? You DO that?’ but I couldn’t help it! It’s so easy! & as a busy college student, any little thing to take off less time in the morning is a win. I mean, I also used to wear clothes like 6 times before washing them. College literally turned me into a man, sniffing my jeans to make sure they smelled okay before putting them on. YIKES. Hopefully grad school will be a little more forgiving of my hygiene.

Anyways, that’s why I bought the face cleansing wipes from Almay. I’ve been using their eye-makeup remover pads & I LOVE them. I love them so much I bought several jars so I have backups, & have a few of the tiny travel sized ones that I can refill & take wherever with me. Now that I’m starting to venture into face makeup & intense eye makeup, I decided it was time to start removing my makeup every night & redoing it every morning. Yay for doing things the right way & being nice to my poor face!


Another reason I had specifically gone to Walgreens was to see the different makeup they have compared to Rite Aid, which I see every single day since I work there. I checked out their Wet N Wild set-up, since they had a few things on sale, but I didn’t really like it! Rite Aid, & Shopko, have a much better display with much more variety – though Walgreens does have a few new & different Fergie pieces that we don’t sell at Rite Aid. I checked them out & then passed on it before moving on to Jordana.

I think I mentioned it once before – I’m super in love with the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. Like, I LOVE them. I’m new to lip products, but this is the one I’ve found to have a lot of color pay off, be moisturizing, & fade & wear well without being super high maintenance. I hate the idea of having to look in the mirror & touch up my makeup every hour. Ugh. So these have been my fave because you don’t really have to worry about that – they wear well enough to not leave the ring of death or other embarrassing lip issues. So.

I’ve found Jordana’s balm stains to be pretty similar. They may not be AS good, but for $2 – $3 compared to $10, can I really complain?? I’ve been meaning to get the Honey shade in Revlons version, & just haven’t gotten around to it – so when I was at Walgreens, I saw this 01 Nude Chic, & had to buy it. I haven’t worn it much yet, but the shade is still gorgeous. There will be some swatches at the end of this post.


I also picked up some of the Fabuliner Liquid Liner’s in Black. I’ve heard some really good things about these, & I LOVE liquid eye liner, which I may have mentioned a few times before. I was especially intrigued by the Bold version, as I love bold, winged eye liner. So I can’t wait to try these out! The swatches turned out really great, they look very smooth & opaque – so I’m sure I will love them just as much on my eyes!



The last Jordana thing I picked up was this FabuBrow pencil in 01 Taupe. I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve never experimented with eyebrow products, but that I would love to since I have light, shapeless, bushy eyebrows. This shade is still a little dark, I think, so I’ll just have to be light handed with it & see how it turns out!



Then, of course, this watch. I can’t even remember the brand. Lily Pink, or something? I don’t know, but it was $9.99, & I fell in love with it. I only own one watch, a silver one with the same diamonds around the edges, but I thought a gold/brown one might be nice. Plus, I’m completely hooked on cheetah print right now. I’m sure I’ll be getting a lot of use out of it, & will be able to wear it with the half of my outfits that don’t match my silver watch.


Here are some swatches of the Jordana products I bought. From top to bottom, the Twist & Shine Balm Stain in 01 Nude, the FabuLiner’s, regular & bold, in black, & the FabuBrow pencil in 01 Taupe.


So that was my little haul from Walgreens. I get paid again at the end of this week & already have a few sales I want to go check out. Shopko is doing some really great sales – like 40% off all Physicians Formula products & 30% off all Revlon Colorstay. Rite Aid is doing a 40% all NYC products, & I think Walgreens has some sales on Revlon True Match & Maybelline, but I’m not positive.


I hope you all have a fabulous week. This is my last week of work before moving out of state for grad school in a few weeks & I’m SO EXCITED. A little stressed about the prep for moving, but thrilled to be done working this graveyard shift in 4 short days. Woo!

Thanks for reading, feedback is always welcome!


6. I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award!


I was actually nominated twice! I was nominated by Escaping The Mundane & Kyashi’s Makeup Box!

What is the Liebster Award?

The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The word “Liebster” is German for favorite, beloved, or dearest.

Here are the rules for the Liebster Award:

  1. Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.
  2. Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
  3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
  4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Here are the questions I was asked to answer from Escaping The Mundane!

1. When did you start blogging?

Well, I’ve been generally blogging for a long, long time – but I JUST started beauty blogging a few days ago!

2. If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be & why?

Hmm. My weight. I mean, I’m someone who loves myself & really has no problem with my current weight – but I know I could be healthier & look nicer if I tried harder, you know? So I guess I wish I had more motivation for that.

3. If you won a billion dollars, what would you do with it?

Pay off my student loans, pay off my credit cards, pay off my parents house payment & other bills, & then do some serious SHOPPING.

4. What is the one thing you love doing more than anything else?

I wish it was something less cliche, but I really do just love chilling on my computer exploring the internet & reading blogs!

5. How would you describe your style?

Everchanging. It’s usually very casual – I love leggings, skinny jeans, boots, button ups, flowy tops & scarves/cowls. But now that I’m heading to graduate school & my life is turning more professional, I find myself buying pencil skirts & peplum tops & flats & heels & such.

6. What is your favorite color?


7. If you could only wear one outfit, what would it be?

Leggings, boots, a tank top & a comfy sweatshirt.

8. If you could do anything in the world right now, what would it be?


9. What is your favorite book?

The Time Traveler’s Wife!

10. If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would that word be?

Anxious [in a good way!]

Here are the questions I was asked to answer from Kyashi’s Makeup Box!

1.  How old were you when you started wearing makeup on a regular basis?  I don’t mean only special occassions.

High school. My mom wouldn’t let me wear makeup or shave my legs before then!

2.  If you could only have one makeup product,  what would it be?

Mascara! Mascara can make me go from looking like a zombie to looking alive.

3.  Do you use brushes, sponges or fingers to apply your foundation/base product?

Right now I’m only wearing BB Cream, so I use my fingers – but I own a beauty blender & a brush for the day I finally start wearing foundation that I can’t wait to try!

4.  How often do you wash your makeup brushes/tools?

Not often enough – I just started using brushes & I only use them for eye shadow at this point, so I don’t think I’ve ever really washed them. I’m on the lookout for a good brush shampoo – suggestions are welcome!

5.  Dramatic eyes or Dramatic Lips?

Dramatic eyes for sure! I love red lips, but I haven’t quite mastered the look yet so I’m totally uncomfortable when I do it. But eyes – now that’s what I’m talking about!

6.  Which would you prefer to lose, all or your makeup or all of your makeup brushes?

All my makeup brushes! I just have Elf brushes – those would be easy & inexpensive to replace compared to my makeup!

7.  Do you own more makeup than you would wear in your own life time?

Not yet, but I’m getting there!

8.  What product do you have a love/hate relationship with?

Face makeup [bb cream, foundation, powder, etc]! Mostly because I’m very new to using it. Someday I’m sure I’ll love it!

9.  Do you wear less or more makeup on weekends?

About the same. It really just depends on if I’m leaving the house. If I’m not, then I probably won’t put makeup on at all.

10.  Who is your favourite Youtube beauty vlogger and why?

I don’t have one yet! I just started following a few in the last few weeks & have been loving the reviews & tutorials I see. I guess if I had to choose just from length of time following & time spent watching, I would say Kandee Johnson. I’ve been following her YouTube for a really long time now & I love how peppy & cute she is!

My ten nominees are:

  1. Style Everlasting
  2. mgregs64
  3. makeuprshutup
  4. Non-Stop Crush
  5. Smosty
  6. ConservationCouture
  7. Cupcakes & Cardigans
  8. Ayannanojoke’s blog
  9. natzisstash
  10. Glossy Talk

My ten questions are:

  1. Do you wear makeup every day?
  2. How much would you say you spend on beauty or fashion every month?
  3. How would you define your style?
  4. What product could you absolutely not live without?
  5. Do you have a favorite brand of makeup?
  6. How did you first get into beauty or fashion?
  7. When did you first start blogging about beauty or fashion?
  8. Do you have a go-to makeup look, & what is it?
  9. What does your daily beauty routine look like?
  10. Where is your favorite place to shop?

Thanks so much for nominating me & I can’t wait to hear all your answers!

5. Beauty Questionnaire!

I’ve seen a few of these beauty blog questionnaire’s around & thought it would be a great thing to do since I’m brand new to the community. I was trying to find one with questions I could actually give good answers to, & randomly found this one through a quick Google Search. Thanks for reading, & if any of you decide to do this, leave a link in the comments so I can check it out!


Eye Color

Natural Hair Color
Dark blonde

Skin Undertones
I honestly have no idea. I think it’s pretty neutral though.

Most Prominent Facial Feature
My eyelashes. Is that even a facial feature? But I have super long, thick natural eyelashes & that’s the only thing any has ever commented on in terms of my face.

Favorite Facial Feature
I love my eyes; color & size. & my lashes, of course.

Feature You Would Change
I have the driest lips, which is something I never really took notice of until I wanted to start wearing lip products. I def notice now & it drives me crazy! I’m currently on the hunt for a SERIOUS lip moisturizer. Carmex [in the tube] has always been my HG, but I’m convinced there must be something better out there. Suggestions are welcome!

Key Point Of The Face
Definitely the eyes!


First Personal Care/Beauty Step In The Morning

Favorite Skin Care Products
I have Keratosis Pilaris & always thought I was just doomed to arms that felt like I had constant goosebumps, especially because my doctor never took me seriously about it & wouldn’t send me to a dermatologist. WELL. Turns out, there are some really great over-the-counter products out there that help a lot! One of them is Cera Ve SA Renewing Cream. I like the one in the tub, & haven’t tried the lotion version, with the pump. I just assume that the cream, because it’s so thick, somehow works better. I also have Amlactin, which also works well, but after trying it for a few days I got this weird rash on the inside of my elbows. I’m pretty sure it was just heat rash that came on at an inopportune time, but now I’m a little afraid of trying the lotion again, just in case that was the cause! 

Most Important Skin Care Routine Step
For me, putting that lotion on my arms regularly so they feel nice & smooth!

Often Neglected Skin Care Routine Step
Well, now that I’ve gotten in the habit of putting lotion on my arms regularly, I would say putting lotion on my legs. It’s just too much work & I don’t care about them that much, even though they have KP too. Maybe someday I’ll be able to add it into my routine without being too annoyed.

Most Important Skin Care Product
Probably sunscreen. Especially because I’m pretty fair-skinned. I’m terrible about using it though because it’s gross & slimy & greasy. BUT I did start using Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture with SPF 15 recently. I’m not sure I like it, actually.

Cannot Live Without
Cera Ve SA Renewing Cream! [Can you tell this stuff has changed my life?]


First Step To Makeup Routine
Washing my face with an apricot scrub! I always wash my face in the shower. I’m currently using an off-brand of St. Ives Apricot Scrub for blackheads & blemishes. It works so good & makes my face feel super clean & smooth.

Most Important Makeup Tools
Welp, I recently discovered the magic of good eye-makeup brushes. I mean, I OWNED them, I just had no idea how to use them properly. I used to just use the little sponge ones that come with palettes [ick, I know]. It just took the right tutorial & the right outcome to make me realize it’s ALL IN THE BRUSHES. Now I love doing my eye make-up because I know I can get the shades blended out right with no harsh lines. MAGIC!

I’ve only ever used one primer, & it’s the Elf Mineral Infused Face Primer. I recently bought the Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro 002 [as you saw in my huge haul a few days ago], which I’ve seen great reviews for but I haven’t had the opportunity to try out for myself yet. So far, I’m really liking the Elf primer. It makes my skin SO SOFT & silky, & makes my face makeup look way better than it does without primer.

I haven’t really used a foundation yet. Lately I’ve been using Covergirl CGSmoothers BB Cream in 805 Fair to Light, which is great for me since I don’t need much coverage. I did buy Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 120 Classic Ivory & Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation in 103 True Ivory to try, but I haven’t yet. It’s just too damn hot here to think I could possibly have a good first experience with foundation, ya know?

I don’t use concealer. I don’t really need to. I feel like it’s something I should have on hand in case I do need it someday though, so any drugstore suggestions would be welcome!

I have a few powders, & I kind of alternate between them. The first I ever bought was NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Powder in 701A Translucent, which I actually originally bought for creating a lasting matte lip look. Then I bought the Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder in 120 Classic Ivory to match the foundation I bought, & most recently I purchased the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 001 Transparent to go with that foundation I bought [also part of the other days HUGE haul]. I guess I think that the powders from the same line might work better with their own foundations? I don’t know. Am I right, or just crazy?

Well, I currently own four blushes & have little to no experience with any of them. The one I’ve been off & on using lately is the Loreal Project Runway Limited Edition Blush in 326 The Muse’s Blush. It’s a gorgeous coral-pink color. I also have another from the same line in 626 The Mystic’s Blush. I think something I really like about these blushes is the packaging. They’re cute & compact, but the blush pan is quite large, making it easy to swirl a brush in it. I also like that it doesn’t come with or tempt you with one of those crappy blush brushes that always come with drugstore blush. And I got them both at Big Lots for like $1.50 each. Who could pass up a deal like that?

The only bronzer I own is Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 021 Sun Light. Pretty sure I also bought this at Big Lots for like $2 or something. I didn’t have bronzer & was scared to death to try it, so to find it at a discount store where I wouldn’t regret spending so little money was nice. I used it once & my mom was like ‘omg you have a brown streak on your face’. Clearly I have not mastered that usage yet & have since been afraid to try. SOON.

I don’t own or use highlighter specifically. I do have an Elf All Over Color Stick in Pink Lemonade that I like. I think it’s a little too shimmery to be used as blush, but it’s too dark/bright to be a highlighter. They have other, lighter shades that I think would be great for that, though.

This is an area of makeup I have not even tried yet. I have SUPER light eyebrows, & many of the eyebrow sets are way too dark. I’m also terrible about keeping up with getting them waxed & sometimes grow a minor unibrow, but since I have such light brows it’s nearly impossible to see [it DEFINITELY is to me though]. Any suggestions in this area are welcome. 

Eye Primer
My favorite way to ‘prime’ my eyelids is with Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Gel Eyeshadows. This seems to keep my eye makeup from creasing or fading, & adds another dimension to the color. I’ve also used Elf Essentials Eyelid Primer that I got for $1 at Target, & that seems to work just fine for me.

My recent fave has been Wet N Wild eyeshadows. They have some fabulous palettes, & I can create endless awesome looks from them. But as my latest posts show, I recently bought some Elf palettes, an Urban Decay palette, & some Maybelline palettes. Honestly, I’m not real picky about eyeshadow. If the colors are nice & it lasts on my lids, I’ll take it!

Another thing I’m not real picky on, especially when it comes to pencil eyeliners. When it comes to liquid eyeliner I’m a little pickier though, because I’ve had bad experiences with super low-end [like dollar store] liquid eyeliners cracking after they dried. After that experience, I bought Loreal Telescopic in 810 Black for some banquet I went to & really liked it. Now, if I want the liquid look, I almost exclusively use the Elf Cream Eyeliner in Black.

Mascara is my favorite make up product & I think I’ve tried just about every drugstore brand. Since I was blessed with naturally lush & long eyelashes, I’m not usually real picky about mascara, so I always have a variety. I’m currently using Covergirl Clump Crusher by LashBlast in 800 Very Black & am enjoying it. It works really well, def lives up to it’s ‘clump crusher’ name, & because of the curved brush, it curls well. My absolute favorite mascara is Revlon Photoready 3D Volume, which I originally tried randomly just because it was on sale at Rite Aid. Now I have several backups & when the times comes to buy new mascara [which will be a VERY LONG TIME by the looks of my stash] I will buy that.


I’ve been using John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo & I really like it. I don’t think it lightens all that well, but J love how clean it keeps my hair. I’m someone who typically showers ever other day or so, & this shampoo keeps my hair clean for days. I love it.

John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Conditioner

Brush & Comb
Oh my. Uh… some silvery paddle brush with holes in it for blowdrying? I think it might be Conair. I don’t usually use combs unless you count my teasing combs.

Styling Products
I’ve been using Sun-In a lot lately. Not only does it actually work to lighten my hair several shades, it also makes my hair super soft. I’ve been blowdrying my hair a lot lately & this seems to keep it from getting super frizzy & ugly. When I don’t want to lighten my hair though, I’ve taken to using the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine line. I love their Blow Dry Perfector Straightening Balm. I have trouble with products making my hair, which can usually stay clean for days & days, greasy almost immediately. This doesn’t, & it makes it super soft & straight[er]. I still have to straighten it, but it makes it much easier. I also own the Flat Iron Perfector Straightening Mist, but I haven’t used it yet. Not only do I not often straighten my hair in the summer because it’s too hot & I wear it up most of the time, but I’m also a little afraid of it for previously stated reasons about product build-up/greasiness.

Treatment Products
I recently picked up some Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo & Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask, & I use these products together every 2 or 3 weeks [since I only shower 3-4 times a week]. I had never really heard of clarifying shampoo’s before & since I rarely used product in my hair, it didn’t matter much – but I really enjoy using one now just because it makes my hair squeaky clean. & I was on the lookout for a new deep conditioner, so I bought these two items together on a buy one get one deal. I used Aussie’s Three Minute Miracle for a long time, which worked great for me but I wanted to try something else.